Announcing the launch of Mississauga Health Seniors Navigation Portal

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Partners Community Health (PCH) is excited to announce the launch of Mississauga Health Seniors Navigation Portal, a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital system that will help connect older adults to the services they need or access the support of a care navigator who can assist them.

In collaboration with Mississauga Health (Mississauga Ontario Health Team), Caredove, CareTeam, Central Registry and Trillium Health Partners, this navigation portal will help older adults continue to live well at home by connecting them to health care providers in Mississauga.

“Collaborating with the Mississauga Ontario Health Team, PCH is actively contributing to the creation of a comprehensive digital navigation platform and public website designed specifically for Mississauga’s seniors. This initiative aims to significantly enhance accessibility to essential services, empowering both seniors and their caregivers. It underscores our commitment to innovative, person-centered care that considers the holistic needs of seniors and their support networks,” says Kathy Lashley, Director, Strategy and Interim Director of Seniors’ Hub at Partners Community Health.

To use this navigation portal, adults who are 65+ or their caregivers living in Mississauga can complete a 5-minute questionnaire which will direct them to book an appointment with a Care Navigator or a community support provider. From there, individuals will be connected to one or more community support services that can help provide wraparound care for adults or their caregivers.

There are many services available including meals and food security, transportation services, home support, exercise programs, day programs and respite, and much more.

PCH’s Belonging@PCH theme for June is Seniors, and participating in this initiative reinforces our commitment to delivering high quality care and bringing health care services together around the needs of seniors living in Mississauga.

To learn more or access the service, please visit If you have any questions, please email

Check out the flyer.

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