Partners Community Health is excited to ‘Welcome you home’ at Wellbrook Place.

Image of resident speaking with staff at Partners Community Health.

“Welcome Home” is Partner Community Health’s (PCH) invitation to our community to learn about Wellbrook Place, the two long-term care homes, seniors hub and our unique approach to care. 

We’re leveraging our experience and expertise as a long-term care operator, building on past learnings and anchoring on our values as an organization to create a new kind of care in Mississauga. 

We welcome our current and future residents, families, staff and the community to learn more about the homes and seniors hub–a place where everyone can feel sense of belonging, growth and choice.

Welcome home to Wellbrook Place.

About Wellbrook Place

Wellbrook Place are two new state-of-the-art Long term Care homes (Wellbrook Place East and Wellbrook Place West) and seniors hub at 2180 Speakman Drive in Mississauga. Operated by PCH, the new homes have a combined 632-beds and are a part of PCH’s larger strategy that introduces innovative and inclusive programs and services and new models of care delivery. True to our name, Partners Community Health is working with community partners to deliver an integrated system of care that puts people first.

Exterior rendering of Wellbrook Place on Speakman Drive in Mississauga.

Why the name Wellbrook Place?

Wellbrook Place is the name, for the two new long term care homes and seniors hub, that was chosen in close collaboration with the community.

The word ‘well’ is synonymous with doing good, living  better and healthy outcomes — all of which are sentiments our LTC homes are here to promote and help people achieve.

This name demonstrates that wellness is connected to a sense of environment and place. Your surroundings help to shape who you are and how you feel.

Future phases of the long-term care centre include a residential hospice (built and operated by Heart House Hospice) and a health services building.

Living at Wellbrook Place

Wellbrook Place East and Wellbrook Place West have been designed around a social model of care, allowing people to receive care and support around their individual needs and personalities. 

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Services and Features

  • Specialized programming and clinical services
  • Two units specifically designed to safely care for people who live with responsive behaviors.
  • Rehabilitation and restorative care
  • Dietetic services (assessment, nutrition, counselling and monitoring)
  • Recreational activities and group exercise programs
  • Technology to enhance the resident care experience
  • Plans for community services and programming

A Seniors Hub that will provide care coordination and system navigation to seniors in the community to support healthy aging and aging in place

Virtual models of care for connecting the homes primary care model to hospital specialists at Trillium Health Partners, increasing the quality of resident care.

A dialysis program for long-term care residents and members of the community living with chronic kidney disease, operated by Trillium Health Partners.

Amenities (Wellbrook Place East and Wellbrook Place West)

  • 632 bedrooms:
    • Private rooms include private bedroom and bathrooms, and an exterior view of the building.
    • Basic rooms have private bedrooms, a shared washroom (accessible from inside both rooms) and a view of an interior courtyard.
  • Common spaces and amenities:
    • Salon
    • Café
    • Spiritual care services
    • Central therapy
    • Outdoor Terraces
    • Family Dining Rooms
  • Five courtyards
  • Food prepared on site and in serveries on each floor, for a more home-like experience
  • Modern infection prevention & control measures
  • Air conditioning throughout
Group of diverse senior male and female friends doing puzzles at home. socialising with friends at home.
Image of residents participating in home activities.

Wellbrook Place Image Gallery

News & Updates

Summer 2023

Construction Progress Photos of Wellbrook Place provided by Trillium Health Partners.


The following update has been provided by Trillium Health Partners regarding the construction of Wellbrook Place, two new state-of-the-art long-term care (LTC) homes and community hub at 2180 Speakman Drive in Mississauga:

  • Installation of landscaping and hardscaping, including the paving and asphalt painting.
  • Complete removal of fixed cranes.
    Significant progress on panelling, windscreens and completion of door and window installations.
  • On the interior of the facility, the flooring, finishing works (e.g. painting, etc.), millwork, and equipment installation continues to progress.
  • The testing of generators, fire alarm system, water system is also underway.

Spring 2023

Construction Progress Photos of Wellbrook Place provided by Trillium Health Partners.


The following update has been provided by Trillium Health Partners regarding the construction of the new long-term care homes on Speakman Drive.

  • The majority of the long-term care homes are now fully enclosed, with minor exceptions.
  • On the interior of the building, the construction team is working on finishes, including painting, flooring, window trim, doors, and frames. Mechanical and electrical installations and commissioning are ongoing, and will continue into the new year.
  • Exterior work – metal cladding finish, final roof assembly, and other exterior work – will be completed in the coming months.
  • It is anticipated that the remaining tower cranes on the East and West areas of the property will be removed in Q1 2023.

How to Become a Resident

If you are interested in applying to be a resident of Wellbrook Place East, Wellbrook Place West or any long-term care home in Mississauga, please visit Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS). The HCCSS is a government agency that works with people of all ages to ensure they can make informed choices about their care.

Learn more about how to start your long-term care application.


Contact the HCCSS at 310-2222 (no area code required) or email them at

Interested in contacting Partners Community Health for additional information specific to Wellbrook Place?




Additional Information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellbrook Place, the new homes on Speakman Drive in Mississauga, are scheduled to open Fall 2023. We are not currently hosting any tours of the facility. 

If you would like to join our mailing list to stay up to date on information, please click the link here.

The homes will be connected by a joint main floor, with each home identified as “East” or “West” once you arrive inside (i.e. Wellbrook Place East and Wellbrook Place West). 

Yes, Wellbrook Place will provide nursing and personal care at all times. Professional nursing staff is onsite 24-hours a day. Personal Support Workers provide hands-on care at the bedside, assisting residents with the essential activities of daily living. Wellbrook Place will also have connections with specialized services such as geriatrics, behaviour support and internal medicine.  

In addition, resident rooms and washrooms are equipped with a call bell to alert a team member when you need assistance. 

The staff who provide care and services at Wellbrook Place are all fully qualified and trained in their roles. In addition, each year staff are provided with ongoing education on regulated topics and are given opportunities to participate in additional relevant education relating to their job function. The home also has a robust policy and procedure manual which serves as educational materials for team members. 

We review and assess care needs when we first receive a resident application through Home and Community Support Services. We then work in collaboration with prospective residents and their families to develop the best care options to ensure that all needs are met. 

As part of the model of care, there is also close collaboration between residents and families in developing and maintaining care plans. 

All home areas provide the opportunity for creating a secure resident home area environment, but we will have two specialized units that are focused on care for those with that clinical need.  

Wellbrook Place will offer recreational and therapeutic programming seven days a week, including holidays, designed to meet our residents’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. 

Recreation and therapeutic programs can include exercise, bingo, baking, crafts and much more. We are in the process of developing these programs and will have more information closer to the homes’ opening. 

Integrated care includes delicious, nutritious, and tailored meals. We will work with prospective residents to review any dietary needs and strive to accommodate dietary requirements to the best of our ability; however, we are in the process of developing our menu options and will have more information closer to the homes’ opening. 

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Work with Us

Wellbrook Place is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, committed to providing the highest quality of care to our residents. If you’re interested in learning more about how Partners Community Health is working with community partners to deliver an integrated system of care that puts people first, or contributing your time as a volunteer get in touch.

For more information please email or click the link below to view current employment and volunteer opportunities:

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