Long-Term Care

Future Long-Term Care Homes

Partners Community Health will be operating two new long-term care homes at 2180 Speakman Drive in Mississauga. The homes, which are currently being built by Trillium Health Partners (THP), will include 632 new long-term care beds, as well as additional programs operated in collaboration with partner organizations.

Long-term care capacity at the new homes is being built to meet the latest standards for LTC home design and safety, including private bedrooms; appropriately sized lounge and dining areas; outdoor terraces and spaces; and, enhancements to HVAC including capability for 100% fresh air supply.

The Homes will also include programs that allow people to receive the care they need close to home, including:

Future phases of the site will include a residential hospice (built and operated by Heart House Hospice) and a health services building.

Camilla Care will remain open until the new homes are operational and all residents of Camilla are comfortably settled in a new home of their choosing, including the new LTC homes on Speakman Drive. 

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