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Today, Partners Community Health, a new, not-for-profit organization focused on bringing health care services together around the needs of people living in Mississauga and West Toronto, was launched. 

Partners Community Health was formed in response to the growing health care needs in this community, to deliver services that give people access to the care they need, when they need it, right in their own community. It is part of an interconnected system of care, with partnerships across the community, where services are centred around the people that use them. Ultimately this will lead to better health outcomes and a healthier community.

The Board of Directors for Partners Community Health brings extensive leadership, expertise and experience in long-term care, hospitals, primary care and community agencies, and is focused on working with partners at every level to deliver seamless care that works for you. Board members include: Jeff Lozon, Anita Stellinga, Louise Smith, Karen Wensley, Stephanie Joyce and Scott Jarrett (see attached Backgrounder for bio information).

On behalf of the Board, Jeff Lozon also announced the appointment of Tess Romain as the inaugural President & CEO of Partners Community Health, effective September 7, 2021. Tess is an experienced leader in the Ontario healthcare system, having worked at the provincial, regional, hospital and community levels. Tess is currently the Transitional Regional Lead for Ontario Health (Toronto), and CEO for the Toronto Central LHIN, leading Toronto’s integrated pandemic response.

Partners Community Health will operate community-based health hubs that bring organizations together to deliver services built around the needs of people and communities, including: 

  • Long-term care, specialized services and assisted living 
  • Outpatient medical clinics and community health services 
  • Virtual care and access to specialists 
  • Research in real world settings and teaching the next generation of healthcare professionals 

Partners Community Health’s initial focus will be the development of a new health centre in Mississauga, that will function as an interconnected community for seniors and caregivers, providing a broad range of services and programs that meet the needs of those it serves. The first phase includes two long-term care 2 homes, which will address the current lack of access to long-term care in this community, and create capacity in hospitals where many patients wait for long-term care placement. Future phases of the health centre include a residential hospice (built and operated by Heart House Hospice) and a health services building.

The two new long-term care homes are currently being built at 2180 Speakman Drive in Mississauga and will be residence to 632 people. The homes are being built to meet the latest standards for LTC home design and safety, including private bedrooms; appropriately sized lounge and dining areas; outdoor terraces and spaces; and, enhancements to HVAC including capability for 100% fresh air supply.

The homes will also include programs that allow people to receive the care they need close to home, including: 

  • two units specially designed to safely care for people who live with advanced dementia; 
  • a day program for older adults who require regular enrolment in activities and services focused on maintaining their independence in order to prevent or delay the need for hospital or long-term care; 
  • a dialysis program for long-term care residents and members of the community living with chronic kidney disease; 
  • virtual models of care will be used to connect the homes’ primary care model to hospital specialists at Trillium Health Partners, increasing the quality of resident care.

Trillium Health Partners (THP), one of the largest academic community-based hospital systems in Canada, is proud to partner with Partners Community Health. THP is leading the build of the two long-term care homes with Infrastructure Ontario. THP’s mission to create a new kind of health care for a healthier community is about discovering the potential of better health for all – by working in partnership, making care accessible for everyone, where people feel heard and valued. Partners Community Health supports the opportunity to transform the way care is delivered in this community, and allow THP to advance its mission.

Partners Community Health is an independent entity, governed by its own Board of Directors and leadership team.

“Partners Community Health was formed to respond to the gaps in community care, and provide care that is designed around the needs of the people who will use it. This is an exciting opportunity to help drive change in health care, and we are certain that Tess Romain’s leadership and expertise will help guide us there.” – Jeff Lozon, Board of Directors, Partners Community Health

“At Partners Community Health, we care about the people in this community and want to ensure they have access to exceptional care, innovative programming and an environment that is second-to-none. With an increasingly growing and diverse community, Partners Community Health is committed to making a meaningful difference in overall health, by focusing on the care and services that best meet people’s needs.” – Tess Romain, President, Partners Community Health 

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