#PeopleofPCH – Julieta Echeverry, Recreation Aide

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#PeopleofPCH is a series that highlights the diverse stories of staff, residents, and families across Partners Community Health (PCH).

Say hello to Julieta Echeverry, Recreation Aide at Wellbrook Place. Julieta shares her story for Recreation Therapy Month:

“My favourite part about working with the recreation team at Partners Community Health is that I’m able to make connections with residents every day. I love establishing a connection with someone, learning about what they like and dislike, how they prefer to live, and what’s important to them. That’s why I decided to pursue this career path. 

To me, recreation is important because it gives residents opportunities to have fun and enjoy themselves. In recreation, we ensure residents’ physical, social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and cultural needs are met through leisure. All these aspects make us human and are essential to our wellness.  

When I come into work and the residents say ‘Hi, Julieta,’ or wave at me down the hall, those simple things always make my day.” 

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