#PeopleofPCH – Shellyn Ramos, Personal Support Worker

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#PeopleofPCH is a series that highlights the diverse stories of staff, residents, and families across Partners Community Health (PCH).

Say hello to Shellyn Ramos, Personal Support Worker at Partners Community Health. Georgina shares her story for Personal Support Worker Day:

“Trust is an important part of being a personal support worker because it forms the foundation of the relationship between the caregiver and the resident. When we earn the resident’s trust, we can deliver the proper care for the resident and ensure they are treated with respect. We build trust with residents so they can feel safe and valued within their home. 

My journey into this career path stems from my background in caregiving back in the Philippines and my studies in nursing. When I arrived in Canada, becoming a PSW felt natural. It’s a job that aligns with my heart and allows me to help and care for others every day. 

My favourite part of the job is the connections I form with my colleagues and, most importantly, with the residents. When you’re able to make residents happy, it is an extremely rewarding experience. 

A typical day for me at work involves a variety of tasks to ensure that the residents are ready to take on the day. From assisting with morning routines like brushing teeth and dressing to facilitating meals and providing companionship throughout the day, each task is an opportunity to connect and make a positive impact. 

PSW Day is important to me because it’s a reminder of the hard work, understanding, love and compassion that PSWs bring for residents every day. I’m grateful for my role as a PSW. It’s not just work; we build a bond through communication and trust – it’s a family.” 

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