#PeopleofPCH – Wilson Manangan, Scheduling Coordinator

Wilson Manangan, Scheduling Coordinator.

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#PeopleofPCH is a series that highlights the diverse stories of staff, residents, and families across Partners Community Health (PCH).

Say hello to Wilson Manangan, scheduling coordinator at Camilla Care. Wilson shares his story for Administrative Professionals’ Day:

“My journey into the administration field was pleasantly unexpected. In the Philippines, after I completed my bachelor’s degree in arts and mathematics, I became a teacher and taught at a high school for seven months. Shortly after, I moved to the United Arab Emirates, where I worked at the airport as a perfume sales representative. Then, I met my wife, we got married and decided to move to Canada in 2015. 

In Canada, I started working at a Tim Hortons located inside a local hospital, when a few friends of mine told me that a long-term care home in the area was hiring and encouraged me to apply for a position with the housekeeping and laundry department. This simple conversation was my first introduction to Camilla Care. I took a leap, applied and joined the team in 2017. 

I never anticipated making the shift from housekeeping to administration, but it was the office manager at Camilla who motivated me to apply for an open scheduling coordinator position despite my hesitation. I had been a teacher, worked in housekeeping and laundry, and served coffee at Tim Hortons. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to succeed in the scheduling coordinator role, but the office manager recognized my work ethic. She saw the potential in me to grow my career and was rooting for my success. She inspired me to apply. I’ve been in the role of scheduling coordinator since 2019. 

That’s what I love about working with the team at Partners Community Health. I’ve met people that motivate and inspire me to be the best version of myself.  

I typically start my workday at 7 a.m. and prioritize my tasks so that the most urgent work gets done first. I’m responsible for preparing the schedule for six-week periods for various teams and departments, including nursing, recreation, environmental services, students and agency workers. I also arrange coverage for sick calls and vacations, and work on payroll timesheets. I enjoy what I do because I have the opportunity to work with so many different colleagues. We’re a hard-working team that has built a great supportive relationship with each other.  

If it’s your first time in an administrative role, it’s important to remember that easier is not always better. Take your time to complete the task properly despite the challenges that may come your way. Be open to constructive feedback and learning from mistakes. Most importantly, my word of advice would be to love what you do and enjoy the journey – even if it’s unexpected.” 

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